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Maddie Brown Maddie is All About Smashing Numbers

Maddie Brown, CPA and Owner of Smashing NumbersLower overhead. Higher profit margins. A better life. Maddie Brown knows: your business’s books can look better. They can be smashing. And this is beyond mere professional insight. Maddie is a living, breathing example of “Doctor, heal thyself.” She has done it for herself, and she can do it for you.

A Certified Public Accountant with 30+ years working with small-business entrepreneurs, Maddie launched her own business from zero. She was in a place where life was no fun and not profitable. By herself, she turned it all around, developing a business model that brings her joy and satisfaction—and she does it by doing something similar for other entrepreneurs. In the process, she has become a nationally-recognized expert in small-business financial operations.

In many ways, Maddie Brown is the entrepreneur’s financial entrepreneur. She brings the financial know-how that most small businesses are lacking. Many of Maddie’s clients are professional artists, speakers and consultants. These individuals (many of them accomplished, self-starting women) have built 7-figure careers around working with other entrepreneurs to lead the life they desire.

Numbers are neutral and so is Maddie. She gets her clients past the fear of being judged on their bookkeeping. Here, there’s no judgment involved. Most people have no financial training. Maddie is supportive. She’s driven by a passion for helping the entrepreneur fulfill the dream and build a successful business.  She provides tools for saving time and money, and for reducing the stress that can come with being self-employed.

By helping business owners fulfill their purpose, Maddie fulfills hers. She once worked for one of the nation’s largest public accounting firms. Deciding that such a huge machine was not for her, she began working with small businesses at the local level. She also worked with the Iowa Department of Revenue as a trainer and educator, teaching classes for the small-business owner on how to run a business while being in compliance with a litany of overwhelming and confusing tax laws. This is where she discovered an innate ability to demystify the complex and make it understandable. Teaching came naturally to her, and she discovered a love for helping businesspeople.

Are you driven to share your gifts with the world? In similar fashion, Maddie shares hers with you. In her business, she strives to makes a positive contribution to the lives of everyone associated with it—her local business clients, her virtual clients across the US, her employees and the community. Maddie loves what she does and is purpose-driven. That’s why Maddie is Smashing Numbers.

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