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Bookkeeping that Helps You Help Others

Good bookkeeping provides you the true details about your business so that you can run things for this month and the next. Sadly, most independent business owners do not have the time to balance their books properly. 

If that owner is you, we are here to help you feel good about your numbers. Smashing Numbers provides bookkeeping for small business owners. Whether you are in Onawa, IA or some other part of the United States, we focus on the books to help you focus on your goals.

Bookkeeping Setup

Our firm helps you establish an effective bookkeeping system. We clean up existing items that are leaving you disorganized and make sure your books are reliable. 

This setup can be an independent function included in any CFO services you purchase from Smashing Numbers. While we don’t need to be your bookkeeper to be your CFO, we do need a bookkeeping system to review. If you do not have an effective one yet, we will gladly clean that up for you as part of a financial officer’s duties. 

Ongoing Bookkeeping Support

Often, you simply don’t have the time to make sure your books are balanced. It can happen to any business. For many of our clients, initial setup isn’t enough. 

If that is the case for you, we gladly provide ongoing bookkeeping services for a simple, monthly fee. Just like our setup assistance, we can do this on its own or as your part-time CFO. 

Throughout the business year, we check your records on QuickBooks to make sure they are still accurate. We then reconcile these numbers with your credit card balances, bank accounts, and PayPal records. Every month of service includes a report we review together. This document helps us make sure your bank accounts stay balanced, adjusting and reclassifying any items that are causing errors.

These bookkeeping services expand when they are part of our greater accounting package. If you have questions over bookkeeping items, we answer them promptly. We also review your accounts payable to see if there is any way to control the outflow of cash. 

Contact Us for Bookkeeping Management

When you have accurate bookkeeping records, you have the map to move your business forward. You know which decisions to make and what your tax obligation will be. Don’t stress out because you can’t figure out where you are on the map. Don’t spend all your money on an accounting department you can’t afford. Hire us instead.

Smashing Numbers is your virtual bookkeeping service. Call us today and get started!

To learn more about these services, schedule a free consultation with a member or our team below.

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