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Marla Beck, founder, Coaching for Writers

“Truthfully, I dreaded the idea of “talking to an accountant,” but as my business grew, I knew it was time to get organized and take charge of my business financials. Maddie, who came highly recommended by my business coach, was a breeze to work with – she was never intimidating or humorless. For the past two years, I’ve found Maddie and her team to be fun, knowledgeable and easy to work with.”

Belinda Pruyne
Business Growth Strategist, Business Innovation Group

“Maddie Brown has brought clarity to my business finances and sanity to me. She and her team have helped me create the structure I needed to eliminate waste, and stay a step ahead throughout the year. No longer being surprised by unplanned expenses has made the up-leveling of my business easier. I know where to spend the money and where not. She truly is the financial partner I needed to run my business smoothly.”

Megha Rodriguez
Social Media Strategist,

“I typically dread my world of accounting. Luckily I have Maddie and team to keep me on track and help me leverage my financial resources. They are always helpful in answering questions and going above and beyond even when I am not the easiest client to deal with. I highly recommend Maddie’s wisdom and experience and love that I can trust that she is in the background of my business and person financial wellbeing.”

Gregory Ann Cox
Owner and Founder, Rebellious Wellness

“Maddie Brown has been a godsend to me. I am not the best keeper of records but Maddie and her team patiently ask the questions to help guide me to finding the right line item’s back up. She understands the entrepreneurs’ world of investing in our businesses and has given me great advice on that as well as personal things like sell or keep a house, refi it, insurance questions. I highly recommend her and her staff.”

Sylvia Myers
Sylvia Myers

“I highly recommend Maddie Brown and her team. I have been working with them for several years and have always received excellent service.”

Tracey Webber
Eat With Tracey

“Maddie and her team have been able to keep me up to date on my taxes and are always available when I need assistance.”

Lisa Hale, Leadership Architect
Focused Leadership Consulting

“Maddie Brown and her team do conscientious work with great expertise in supporting small business owners who specialize in expert and information based services. Whenever I’ve needed something, they’ve been there to help. Thank you Maddie! Thank you team.”

Cheryl Binnie
Copywriter and Coach,
Copy Luv

“Working with Maddie’s team has been a delight. Simply the fact that Maddie understands my online business model has been a huge relief — there is no judgment around my decisions to invest in myself and business, and she’s able to give incredibly helpful advice. Kudos to her staff, too — every time I fall behind on getting them the documents they need, they are so patient and gentle in their reminders, and they always take time to answer my questions.”

Amy Fortney Parks
Educator and Psychologist, The Wise Family

“I have been working with Maddie’s team for nearly 2 years and could not be more thrilled! Not only is Maddie a TOP NOTCH coach but her team is efficient, professional and organized. They have managed the financial side of my business with complete competence and I am fully informed at all times of my financial solvency. Additionally, Maddie consults with me monthly to advise me on purchases, employee management issues and tax-related updates! I could not do what I do daily in my business without Maddie Brown!”

Patty Hankins
Beautiful Flower Pictures

“I am so much more knowledgeable and confident about my photography business’s finance since hiring Maddie to keep the books for my business. Before working with Maddie, information got entered on an irregular basis and my books were up-to-date only a few times a year. You can imagine the incredible difference it makes having transactions entered quickly (and correctly) and knowing that my books are up-to-date. I always have the latest information about my business’s finances – which means I know what funds are available when I need them to grow my business.”

Francoise Hausen Everett
Elegance, Business & Lifestyle

“Maddie Brown has been instrumental in helping me navigate through financial overwhelm as an entrepreneur. She has saved me thousands of dollars in taxes from a time when I was foolishly doing them myself and she has guided me with things like school financial aid applications. In many ways I consider Maddie my Financial Self-Care!”

Monica Kenton, Speaker, Business Coach, and Shaman

“Thanks Maddie for the wonderful work that you do. You took a frustrating concept for me and turned it into something manageable. You have a great way of explaining many difficult concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and quick to implement. I love the fact that you combine both law of attraction philosophies with the nitty-gritty of accounting. I learned a lot more than I had thought. You did amazing work setting up all my numbers in a way that fits my business style and that is easy to do. I have recommended you to many other entrepreneurs to help them get clear on their money and organized. Thanks so much for what you do. You sure have helped shift my world in a great way.”

Dawn DelVelcchio

“Going through Maddie Brown’s program has been incredibly helpful! We all get lots of information these days on how to vision and grow your biz in terms of numbers of clients or lifestyle changes, but how many people actually sit down, crunch the numbers and gain clarity about exactly what it will take? Probably not many, is my guess.”

Katie Humphrey, Lifestyle Expert

“Making the decision to work with Maddie Brown is hands-down the best thing I could have done for my revenue. She has streamlined the money side of my business and showed me ways to make my “dream business” a reality NOW. Because of her calm demeanor and simple explanations of money and cash flow (which is often an area of stress and anxiety for an entrepreneur), I’ve been inspired and motivated to push beyond my earning potential. She’s helped me see where I can save money and how I can consistently grow beyond $20k months. Thank you, Maddie! Everyone needs to work with you!”

Betsy LeFae

Maddie was referred to me by my trusted mentor and so I knew she could be trusted.

I was excited to work with her because she is familiar with the same growth mindset study that I am, so concepts that might seem strange to other number crunchers, she actively supports and guides me in and I am forever grateful!

I didn't realize how much emotional comfort I'd get working with Maddie would bring into my life. Knowing what to do with the money when it comes in and how to grow it, also knowing she is there should I need her has been a huge relief on my soul! I feel more grounded, relaxed, in control and sure of my future because of my partnership with Maddie.

If you are thinking of working with her don't hesitate, you are in GREAT hands!

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