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Full-On Accounting

At the hourly rate you charge, don’t you cost too much to also be your own bookkeeper?

Yes, doing your own books is costing you time, and your time is money. Imagine how much better you’ll feel, having a savvy CPA in your corner. Smashing Numbers Full-On Accounting is simple and easy for you. All your bookkeeping and accounting tasks are handled without you lifting a pencil or opening QuickBooks. Maddie and her team are available to address your questions, issues and concerns. You get to focus on what you do best and enjoy most.

Full accounting support means more time with clients.

Since we do it all, you get to do more and better

  • You’ll finally have the accounting support your business really requires.
  • There’s more time to promote your business, allowing you to help more people.
  • Bookkeeping costs you less. (Every hour you’re doing your own books is missed income.)
  • Stop worrying about your money and sleep better at night.
  • Spend more time doing the things you love to do with family and friends.
  • Finally stop wondering where all your money went.
  • You’ll spend less and have better financial tracking.
  • Understand what is and isn’t deductible.
  • Stop overpaying your taxes.
  • Build your wealth by investing—and know how much is available expressly for that purpose.

Here’s what you get each month

  • Virtual and personal support
  • Recording receipts
  • Recording expenses
  • Recording credit card charges
  • Balancing the checkbook
  • Preparing basic financial information
  • Addressing ongoing questions and issues as they come up
  • A Personal Financial Assistant assigned to your account
  • Consultation, evaluation and planning with Maddie three times a year
  • Burst phone calls for short, quick conversations
  • Unlimited email support with Maddie and her team

Add-On services are available

  • Tax preparation
  • Weekly accounting updates
  • Accounts receivable and billing package
  • Accounts payable and bill paying
  • Payroll
  • Online access to your books

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