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Are you better at your business than you are at being an accountant?

Together, we can do something about that.

No matter where you live or what hours you work, Smashing Numbers can work with you. Maddie Brown is passionate about making your books and your business better than ever.

There are three different Smashing Numbers service packages to do what you need done.

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Smashing Services

Want us to do it all so you’re finally free to run your business?

Are you paying too much?
Are you deducting too little?
Did you know you’re just 60 days from kicking up and busting out?

Smashing Full-On Accounting

Smashing Tax Preparation

60 Days to a Smashing Bottom Line

We take all the business accounting off your plate. You go work your own brand of magic while we work ours in the Smashing Numbers Full-On Accounting Service. As an expert in your own business, it’s hard to also be an expert in tax prep. Tax law is vast and complex. We can help you keep more of what you make with Smashing Tax Preparation. Maddie works with you, one-on-one, to develop a customized action plan for a better business that’s more profitable in her personalized program, 60 Days To A Smashing Bottom Line.

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